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I’m Not Kidding. This is the Best I Got.

By Dave Stuart Jr.

Welcome to the best posts and videos here on the Teaching the Core blog.

I have over 150 posts that will help you understand, evaluate, and implement literacy, Common Core and otherwise, in your classroom. It’s pretty difficult to filter through and figure out what you should read, so I decided to do the hard work and organize my very best content for you below.

Find the topic or topics that interest you the most, and enjoy!

Non-Freaked Out Overviews of Each Common Core Anchor Standard

51XprWek9eL._SL250_This is how the blog got started — I wanted to learn about the CCSS, so I got after it and wrote about them.

Here they are, organized by strand:

And if you'd prefer a more convenient format (and a chance to support me, grab a copy of my first book 🙂

Common Core Questions Answered

Here are some posts I wrote to answer questions asked by readers:

The Non-Freaked Out Approach to Literacy

After blogging through each of the anchor standards, I realized that, though the Common Core were more focused than previous “wish list” standards, there were still too many of them, and not all of them were equally critical. Thus was born the Non-Freaked Out, Focused Approach.

If you'd prefer a more convenient format (and another chance to support this blog!), grab a copy of the ebook (coming Fall 2013):

A few more that fit right in this vein:

The Top 5 Teacher Books That Have Shaped Me

I'm not one of those teachers who can read 100 professional development books each year without having his brain literally ooze from his ears. It's just not me.

Instead, here are the top five books that have shaped my teaching — I mention them constantly throughout the blog because, well, they deserve credit for most of what I write here. I would recommend creating an argumentative resource request to get these.

common-core-close-reading-schmoker argument-debate-common-core readicide-gallagher common-core-rafe-esquith how-children-succeed-paul-tough-2

Opinions on Policy, Standardized Tests, the Common Core, and more

Sometimes (well, a lot of times) I get fired up about something and just have to write about it. Here are some of the best posts in that vein:

Beyond literacy

Literacy is awesome because it's a cross-curricular push to help students flourish in the long-term. But once in a while, I write about aspects of teaching that don't fit into literacy. Here are some of the most popular examples of this:

My first post 🙂

An oldie but a goodie! What do Demons have to do with the Common Core State Standards?

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