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Photos of Dave Stuart Jr. teaching and reading and with his students and family.

Hi, I'm Dave Stuart Jr.

I'm a husband and dad who teaches high schoolers in a small town. I am animated by a simple belief: all students and teachers should flourish. Every article I write, lesson I teach, and book I read is driven by the certainty that that can, and must, happen. I share my work through my email newsletter.

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About Dave Stuart Jr.

I write about literacy instruction, student motivation, and the inner work of teaching. I speak about my work through keynotes and workshops at conferences and school-based events around the USA, and over 35,000 people read my articles each month. My most important projects to date have been my new book, These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most, and my all-online, schedule-friendly professional learning experience, the Student Motivation Course.

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