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Tangents call for a facepalm.

Do Common Core Professional Development Like This

I’m finishing up a professional development trip to California, and during these final days of the trip, a troubling (yet unsurprising) article has come to my attention: The article goes on to show that 47% of surveyed teachers would describe the Common Core professional development they’ve received as less than high quality. And all I can do […]

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Alexis Speaking in Front of Do Hard Things

Literacy Educators: Let’s Get Serious about Noncognitive Skills

The Common Core does a pretty good job of laying out some key cognitive skills students need to have to be ready for the literacy demands of a career or college. Granted, we need to reduce the standards into a simpler, more power-packed set of focused literacy priorities (the non-freaked out approach being one possible example) if we’re going to truly see literacy […]

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This is what we call getting after it in my classroom.

New Thoughts on the Non-Freaked Out Approach to Common Core Literacy

About a year and a half ago, I came up with the non-freaked out approach to Common Core literacy while driving home from a conference for edu-policy types in my state capital of Lansing. I was frustrated by the acrimony that seemed to suffuse the day’s sessions — there were politicians bickering with superintendents bickering with teachers […]

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Creepy smiling kid + triangle of life

On Common Core Text Complexity, the Triangle of Life, and the Freakout

My argument here is simple: you, the teacher, have control over text complexity for your kids. I’m definitely not saying all teachers have the same amount of control. Some teachers get to pick virtually every text their students read; others allow their students to pick nearly every text they read; and still others have all of their course […]

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Why I Use the Article of the Week in My Elective Classes

(Note from Dave: Heidi Bonnema calls herself a “baby teacher,” but this is more a testament to her humility than it is to her skill level. I’m honored to call her, not just a colleague, but a friend. If you follow Teaching the Core’s article of the week list, you’ll have noticed that, lately, the articles […]

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Logan Reading Things Fall Apart

3 Sports Metaphors that Fuel Excellence in My Classroom

Full disclaimer: I’m the kid who got cut from soccer his junior year of high school and hasn’t really played organized sports since. And even though I’ve got my alma mater tattooed on my thigh (the picture at right should explain that a bit), I watch, at most, one or two full sporting events per […]

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9 Skills the Common Core Doesn’t List but that Employers Want Anyways

The Common Core State Standards for literacy were intentionally designed with a “less is more” ethos. Despite that, there’s still too many of them for average teachers like me to implement effectively. That’s why I cut them, choosing to achieve excellence with a few skills and strategies rather than achieve mediocrity with them all. My list is what you […]

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