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By Dave Stuart Jr.

Post Image- Character Lab

You know what would crank my thinking up a few notches? Having the brilliant minds over at Character Lab guide me in proving whether pop-up debate, one of my go-to strategies for getting students speaking, listening, and arguing, develops grit in kids.

Here's the thing: only the most popular four projects of those 20 that made the finalist round will get this opportunity. So I need your vote, and it's super simple and fast!

From now until the end of March, every device in the world gets to vote on whether my project, Pop-up Debates to Grow Persistence with Freshmen, becomes one of seven finalists for the national Teacher Innovation Grant.

Voting takes literally two seconds. You are then welcome to vote for up to three additional projects — there are lots of great ones to choose from — if you'd like.


(subtle, right?)

Want bonus points?

Once you vote, use one of the social share buttons to give my work a shout out and explain to folks why they, too, should take the two seconds to vote.

Thank you so much. This is how I feel after your support.

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