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Figure 2: Nine Moves for Teaching with Texts.

Keep These Things in Mind When Thinking about Student Discussions

Ashley Pacholewski sent me an email this week. Ashley is a teacher at Brunswick High School in Ohio, and she had a great question: “What discussion strategies do you use at the end of the week when using Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week assignment?” Since I was already in “filming lessons mode” for the Teaching with […]

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Post Image- Pop-Up Debate Guide

The 300-Word Guide to Pop-Up Debate

Pop-up Debate is a method for managing and facilitating in-class debates; it is easily modifiable for other speaking scenarios, such as discussions or toasts. Here’s Pop-Up Debate: Students use assigned text(s), logic, and/or course content to respond to a debatable prompt and their peers’ arguments using the rules below. Every student speaks 1+ times, depending on […]

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post image -- deliberate practice

The Imperative Nature of Deliberate Practice

So, guys. Guess what? My pop-up debate Teacher Innovator project was one of seven winners of the prize! It won! And that’s because of you. I don’t know what I’m more excited about: the fact that hundreds of you believed in the project enough to vote for it; the fact that this summer I’ll fly to […]

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damesie does pop-up debate

Can Pop-Up Debate Produce Grit in Students?

With little more than one day left on the voting for my Character Lab project (update: voting has ended!), I thought it would be worth sharing with you exactly what I’m hoping to research next year with pop-up debate and grit. So let me show you the actual application that happened to be chosen as one of […]

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What are the Keystone Habits for Success?

In my last post, I introduced the concept of keystone habits and invited you, dear Teaching the Core family, to weigh in on what you suspect are the answers to these questions: What are the keystone habits for success in school? How about for specific areas of literacy skill, like reading, writing, speaking, and listening? Which habits are most […]

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You know what would crank my thinking up a few notches? Having the brilliant minds over at Character Lab guide me in proving whether pop-up debate, one of my go-to strategies for getting students speaking, listening, and arguing, develops grit in kids. Here’s the thing: only the most popular four projects of those 20 that made the […]

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