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Student Teachers Rock

By Dave Stuart Jr.

Today, I'm privileged to be hosting some workshops at the Fire Up conference, hosted by the Inter-Institutional Teacher Education Council of West Michigan (ITEC-WM). Believe it or not, I'll actually be speaking on something pretty far removed from the Common Core, but very near to the driving purpose of Teaching the Core and anything else that I do as a teacher: to promote the long-term flourishing of students.

When I first spoke at Fire Up last fall, I led a workshop centered on “a balanced approach to grammar instruction.” This wildly exciting workshop, which I led during the first session of the day, was attended by a handful of stalwart English teachers in the making.

But when I went around and viewed some other workshops that day, I remembered some of those universal questions that student teachers have:

  • Will I be able to manage my own classroom?
  • How can I make an impact on student lives?

And thus was born the following speaking topics. I've posted the notes here for the sake of any Fire Up attenders today who prefer digital to hard copy notes. Enjoy.

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