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Wheel Alignments (and a Change to the Blog)

By Dave Stuart Jr.

Every few years, my old and faithful Toyota Camry starts doing this weird thing where it wants to veer off the road. I take it in, and I find that it's time for a wheel alignment. When the wheels are tilted even a fraction of an inch in the wrong direction, the car doesn't drive totally straight, and so I have to work harder at driving than I should.

This week, my wife and I realized that there's something misaligned about my blog: it publishes every Tuesday and Saturday. It's the Saturday bit that's out of alignment — after all, I obsessively write about us building wise constraints to make us better so that we can live full and integrated lives. But here I am, every Saturday morning, taking a small bit of my time to write a note at the top of whichever blog post is scheduled to go out that day. And there you are, supposed to be enjoying some distance from teaching — doing hard things or enjoyable things, or spending time with people you love — and yet there's this little niggling email in your inbox from me asking you to read it, tempting your neomaniacal side to express itself.

So, a wheel alignment: henceforth, my posts will publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's a tiny change, but a needed one.

What tiny changes do you need to bring to your practice to get it realigned with the Everest you're after? Are you slipping into time-wasting, soul-draining complaining too frequently? Do you need to get smarter about grading?

We might as well start the school year with a realignment.

One Response to Wheel Alignments (and a Change to the Blog)

  1. ericburkholz01 December 27, 2018 at 10:53 am #

    This is called the camber when your wheels are tilted inward or outward. All cars have a little bit of camber but some cause more problems than others. Here’s a little bit about that and other veering problems on the road. Thanks for you post about motivation and conquering our Everests! Thats great.

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