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Improving Student Motivation via Micro-Commenting on Papers

I’ve written and spoken passionately about the need for us to think better about grading and feedback. When feedback isn’t fast, it’s a triple loss. Our quality of life decreases as we drag papers around with us for weeks. The usefulness of the feedback decreases because our kids, when they get the work back a week or […]

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Skull and Crossbones List - Writing

Using Skull and Crossbones Lists to Ctl-A Delete Bad Habit Errors

A full year into using the skull and crossbones list, I can confirm that it does its job. When I speak with writing teachers, including those in the various content areas, they all share a visceral reaction to the kinds of writing errors that are habitual rather than intellectual. I’m talking about things like: not […]

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How to Become a More Credible Writing Teacher

One of the beliefs that motivates our kids to do the work we ask them to do, and to do it with care and attention, is teacher credibility. When kids believe that we’re good at our jobs, they’re more motivated. It’s well-vetted in the research (e.g., it appears high on John Hattie’s “visible learning” meta-analysis list), […]

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The Five Key Beliefs that Motivate Student Writers

The other day, I was preparing a two-hour keynote for a group of high school and college writing teachers in Hailey, Idaho. My initial plan was to focus on quantity and quality. The argument: first, that anything we undertake to improve writing outcomes must take into account the toll on teacher stress and workload; second, […]

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The Finish Line

Note from Dave: This article is written by our colleague, the excellent Lindsay Veitch. The text message read something this: Hey Linds. I am writing an essay for Psych 201 and I’m wondering if you could review my intro and make sure I’ve written a fully developed essay? It was my sister-in-law, Taylor, a high […]

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A Case Study in Simplified Instruction: The Write Structure

Note from Dave: This article is actually by Lindsay Veitch, educator and author of The Write Structure. Enjoy! I brought my two-year-old to his pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Brown, for a well-visit the day we launched my ebook, The Write Structure. I casually mentioned this exciting news to Dr. Brown, and she replied as only the doctor of children […]

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