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education not entertainment

Education, Not Entertainment

We are currently teaching the most entertained generation in the history of humankind. I don’t say that disparagingly; my generation is not morally superior to the students I teach simply because we had access to exponentially less entertainment. (And we certainly had access to more than our parents.) But consider: YouTube is incredible. The blogosphere […]

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Common Core W.CCR.7 Explained

W.CCR.7 — that’s the 7th College and Career Readiness anchor standard within the Writing strand of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA/Literacy — reads as follows: Conduct short as well as more sustained research projects based on focused questions, demonstrating understanding of the subject under investigation. This standard is part of a trio of “Research […]

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Beyond the Common Core Standards

As I mentioned in the first post on Teaching the Core, I’ve never been a fan of teaching standards; in fact, “standards” is a word that I happily deleted from the Tagxedo word cloud that I created out of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ELA & Literacy document. A ton of things attracted me to becoming […]

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A Class Purpose and the Promotion of Student Flourishing

I love summer break’s gift of decompression. It is during the weeks from mid-June to mid-August that my brain defrags the preceding school year’s experiences, condensing them into a more manageable series of memories, lessons, and principles. What are we about? One principle that I began examining in the Fall of 2011 is that of […]

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