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Post Image- Mastery

Your Students Want to Master What You’re Teaching Them

Students want to be good at things because it is fun being good at things. In other words, they are motivated by being good at, or mastering, things. Daniel Pink’s Drive, perhaps the most influential book on motivation of the past decade, is the most famous affirmation of this truth. Pink boils motivation down to three […]

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21 Ideas for Developing the Motivational Character Strengths

In “The Character Strengths and Motivation,” I laid out the 4.5 character strengths that I consider motivational in nature, and, at the end of the post, I laid out an example of the kind of “self-experimentation” we can use to learn how to teach our students to develop the “motivational strengths” in themselves (because marshaling one’s […]

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The Only 100 Words You Need to Read Today

Dominating life or the CCSS with your students is all about starting. Edublogs and opinions abound; none of them can try something bold in your classroom. That’s all I’m writing this week. Instead of reading anything else online today, go and do something that needs doing. Plan that one daring step that’s been nagging at […]

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