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Post Image- Long-term flourishing in 300 words

The 300-Word Guide to Long-Term Flourishing

Confused about the term “long-term flourishing?” Let’s clear it up in about 300 words. Long-term flourishing is the real purpose of schooling. It’s what every educator and parent on the planet hopes for their children. Long-term because we love the child not just for today or this year, but also in 20 years; flourishing because we know […]

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This is my hallway's teaching staff. Thank you to MBH and AKim for making this photo happen :)

9 Principles for Working Better with Fellow Educators

Welcome to the penultimate portion of this post series (here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). If you like this post, you might like Never Finished: Continually Becoming the Teachers We Want to Be (and Staying Sane in the Process). Today, we’re going to examine a part of the most underrated element of the three-fold strategy […]

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Garden Facepalm

4 Jedi Mind Tricks for Avoiding Burnout

A lot of us educators got into this gig because we wanted to impact lives. Last post, I shared how I define impact. While some may have found it a bit too basic, I see no other way to begin seriously considering how to build an impactful career than by starting with the ultimate aim of teaching: the long-term flourishing […]

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Impact in Schools, Pt 1

Impact = Promoting Long-Term Student Flourishing

In a recent post, I wrote some advice for teachers who try hard but feel hopeless, and part of that advice was to speak truth to power (meaning that, when an issue is important enough, we owe it to our students and our colleagues to tell our administrators what we see). And then Marianne asked a […]

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