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If you've seen this, please write.

Going a Bit Deeper with the They Say / I Say Two-Paragraph Template

Two posts ago, I introduced Graff/Birkenstein’s two-paragraph They Say / I Say template I’ve been requiring my students to use in response to our argumentative Articles of the Week¬†(and, by the way, articles of the week are the original idea of Kelly Gallagher). And as a disclaimer, I’m about to nerd out pretty heavily on […]

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Erica Beaton, friend and colleague and blogger, describeds the They Say paragraph as "stretching cotton to examine it's features."

A Simple, Two-Paragraph Template that Helps Kids to Really Argue

In the last post, I shared the new argumentative focus I’m experimenting with for the article of the week (AoW) assignment. Rather than choosing just any type of article, I’m looking for articles that argue. [1] It’s not exactly the discovery of the polio vaccine, but still, it’s pretty cool. I like this new focus […]

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Video: One Way to Rock Out CCSS-Friendly, In-class Debates

In this video, I walk through how I went about preparing for and carrying out our second in-class debate of the school year. Why spend time debating? Debates are very CCSS friendly — they make argumentative writing (W.CCR.1) a lot easier, they require collaboration (SL.CCR.1), evaluation (SL.CCR.3), clarity (SL.CCR.4), and it’s super awesome when they […]

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