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Contact Dave Stuart Jr.

Hi! The two best ways to get ahold of me these days are through Twitter — that's the more informal route — and through emailing me (support_at_davestuartjr.com). I've got more specifics below!

Speaking Requests

For most of this blog's life since mid-2012, I've taken just about any speaking engagement I was offered. As I've matured in this side career of speaking and writing about teaching, literacy, and character, however, I've come to be a bit more choosy with how and when I leave my young family. With that said, if you'd like to have me come to your setting, learn more about my speaking offerings here, and be in touch through the contact form at the bottom of that page.


I love it! Let's schedule something through Twitter or my support email address (below).

Social Media

Here are links to the social media accounts I use.

  • Twitter – links to articles I'm reading and the occasional tweetable thought.
  • Facebook – same as above, but on Facebook.
  • Youtube – I don't make videos terribly often, but once in awhile the spirit strikes!

Follow what you'd like!


I need to get better at my email life. I do read everything I get, so if you'd like to shoot me kudos, corrections, or food for thought, feel free! (Especially the kudos — it is so encouraging to hear from readers who appreciate the labor of love that is this blog.) Unfortunately, I'm not always the best at responding to everything I get — keep in mind that it's not personal, it's just that I sometimes need to choose between a perfect inbox and unplugged, solid family time.

If you're still up for emailing me, use support [at] davestuartjr.com.

Mailing Address

Once in awhile, a reader wants to send me something — like a note, or a treat, or cool socks (please). Whatever it is, you can use this address.

Dave Stuart Jr.
PO Box 536
Cedar Springs, MI 49319